Bijoylaxmi Hota

Yoga and meditation exponent

Bijoylaxmi Hota, the noted Integrated Yoga Theraist of India, whose books on yoga sell internationally, lives in Delhi with her husband P. C. Hota, a retired IAS officer. As most of her problems disappeared within a fortnight in the ashram, she was impressed and intrigued by Yoga’s efficacy, and wanted to gain an insight into it. She studied the subject extensively and realized that the yogic treatment has to be exact to cure diseases. The way kidney medicines cannot cure heart ailments and vice versa, any yoga too cannot cure all diseases. And it was not just asanas and pranayamas that needed to be specific but also the meditation.

As Bijoylaxmi Hota’s interest in health grew, she explored other related subjects such as nutrition, ayurveda, nature cure, psychology, and various other therapies, took certain factors from different disciplines, combined them with various yogas and started treating people with amazing results.

Bijoylaxmi Hota gives as much importance to diet as to yoga, as over time she had realized that diet played a major role in one’s health. She had known from the initial stage itself that, no matter how great a therapy is, without specific and controlled diet a disease cannot be cured.

With forty years of experience behind her, Bijoylaxmi Hota has cured ailments such as acidity, asthma, backache, diabetes, bronchitis, hypertension, tumor, cancer and many more with her brand of Integrated Yoga. Initially, every time she encountered a new serious case, she used to feel apprehensive, but mercifully, the treatment never failed her. Sometimes the cure might not have been total, either because of the advanced age of the patient or because of irreparable damage of to the body part, but considerable improvement has always been achieved.

The writer

Bijoylaxmi Hota has written nine books on yoga and diet including the best seller ‘Yoga for Busy People’. She wrote a regular column on yoga for The Times of India and The Hindusthan Times –both leading newspapers of India.

Other activities

With and for Door Darshan- the national TV channel of Government of India-, Bijoylaxmi Hota has produced a TV serial on yoga that she had scripted. The popular program has been telecast repeatedly over twenty years.

A pioneer entrepreneur

Extensive knowledge and experience of many decades has helped Bijoylaxmi Hota create some yogic products to aid yoga meant to accelerate healing.

Thinker and Opinion Leader

Bijoylaxmi Hota believes that ancient Indian customs and rituals were developed by enlightened souls for better physical and mental health, and to fulfill their desires without disturbing the peace and harmony in society. By imbibing these practices in our life, not only we can be benefitted personally, but we can even transform the world and make it a better place to live in. But to achieve that, it is necessary start at the beginning by giving the right samskara to the children from the early childhood, when they are moldable. To educate and influence people in this regard she has tried various media. One of them is dance.

She has conceptualized and scripted the following dance recitals to spread the awareness:

  • Atma Mukti: The Yogic Path to Salvation
  • Kundalini Tantra: The Primordial Female Power
  • Sanskrt: Its Healing and Transcedental Aspect
  • ‘Ravindra Abhivyakti’: The Spiritual Significance of Rabindra Nath Tagore’s poems
  • Antaryatra: The Inner Evolution
  • Ramleela: Righteousness Wins
  • Ekoham Bahusam: The Vedic Wisdom